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Poker Odds Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 6768 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card Casino
Developer: Edwurtle Software
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 Dec 2009
App size: 5.89 Mb

Poker odds taken to the next level... Hand ranges, hand rank stats, draw stats, equity heat charts, save hands, and more. Other apps can show odds of making a full house. This app can drill down deeper and see odds of each specific full house. Want to see breakdown of only the hands won? Now you can. Want to see breakdown of hands that use both hole cards? Now you can.

Easy to use hand range editor and icons that look like mini-representations of hand ranges.

Stats include equity percentages, win percentages, tie percentages, rank breakdown stats, draws breakdown stats, equity heat chart, and best overall hand stats.

Main Features:
1. Calculates odds for up to 10 players.
2. Assign cards, random cards, or hand ranges.
3. Calculates equity %, win %, tie %
4. Calculate to: pre-flop, flop, turn, or river
5. Easily fold players
6. Dive down feature in hand rank, best hand, and draw stats to get more in depth data
7. Equity heat chart
8. Swipe to delete player.
9. 27 Built-In Hand Ranges
10. Create and store infinite number of Custom Hand Ranges
11. Save hands for future reference.
12. Twitter and Facebook Integration

Pros and cons of Poker Odds Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Poker Odds Pro app good for

this is usefull, simple but good I think i shoud one this. best regards, celestino.
All you can ask for when its about calculating your odds. Design, usabiliy and graphic output: Best in the App-Store! Just one suggestion: An option to turn on instant odds-calculation with every change of cards.
Still a nice App... 1 problem: Since update "J9s" is now twice on the range table, and J9o missing...
This is by FAR the best poker app I couldve ever dream about. You can apply ranges, which is awesome, and it works juste like pokerstove. One quick note for te first time user like I was : make sure you are dealing to river (because another awesome feature is that you can calculate odds based on only seeing the flop, flop+turn, or all cards)! Seriously, for 2 bucks, get this app!!
Great app, very fast, responsive, has good usability. Best on the market from what I have seen si far. To developers: please add flopzilla-style detailed flop range breakdown. We dont necesserely need river range distribution when only flop is dealt, and switching to "calculate to flop" option feels clunky and doesnt help much to really break down card range.
If you love the mathematical/analytical aspects of poker as much as I do then you need to purchase this app. This app is a great mobile replacement for the poker standard on the pc, i.e. pokerstove but with a much better interface and features. Features such as pre-programmed opponent ranges from sklansky ranges to others as well as the ability to create your own custom hand ranges for opponents that you can save and reuse. The UI is beautifully designed and extremely easy to use. This has become my favorite poker app for the iphone. Prior to this, I used the previous developers program, but ditched it for another program called pokercruncher that allowed me to assign hand ranges to opponents (but didnt allow me to save custom ranges for reuse), but after this app was released I have ditched the other one and I am back in the developers camp :) By the way, when I was a user of his previous poker app, I emailed him on a few issues that I found with the app and the developer was very very responsive even going so far as to chat with me on google talk to work out some of the issues that I found. Not to mention he took my suggestions seriously and Im glad to see his next generation poker calculator. Well done developer, well done. 5 star app for sure for any serious poker players.

Some bad moments

Wow! I guess this is what I get before reading the reviews... Pure crap is a understatement I want a refund!!!! Dont waste your money!
Dealt 8-4 to one hand and suited 8-4 to the other and It said both were 50-50. Even after dealing the cards to complete the flush it still said 50% for both...
Odds algorithm is wrong. Ive seen at least three examples of hands that it calculated incorrectly.

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